Jordan Peterson on Great Britain’s Gift to the World

Writing in The Telegraph (‘Why I love Great Britain’, 14 December), Canadian scholar Jordan B. Peterson informs us that the people of Great Britain have granted the world a gift whose power stands in permanent opposition to our most appalling proclivities as individuals and societies. That gift is the political expression of the sanctification of … Continue reading Jordan Peterson on Great Britain’s Gift to the World

Thoughts on Friendship, Comradeship, and Political Work

I’ve been thinking about the relation between friendship and comradeship recently. My thoughts are informed by my participation in student activism and political activism more broadly (particularly in the Labour Party). To begin with, it’s clear that we’re discussing two distinct categories that may or may not overlap. We have friends, those we are socially … Continue reading Thoughts on Friendship, Comradeship, and Political Work


Today (1/11/21) Cambridge students and local activists united to demand that the university sever its ties to the arms industry, which for the sake of profit is contributing to the deaths of innocents all over the world. The SU Ethical Affairs Campaign, Cambridge Defend Education, the Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Society, and the Amnesty International Society … Continue reading SUPPORT THE DEMILITARISE CAMPAIGN!

On Keir Starmer

The current Labour leader is a ruthless authoritarian. He has overseen the proscription of groups associated with the Labour left, suspended Jeremy Corbyn (who he still refuses to return the whip to), fired Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Shadow Cabinet for retweeting an interview in The Independent, and recently attempted to destroy the democracy that remains … Continue reading On Keir Starmer

Treatment of Assange Highlights Western Hypocrisy

The political dissident is an important component of any democracy. People must have the right to challenge their leaders, no matter how uncomfortable that process might be. Thus we in the West today honour independent voices, with one major caveat: they should only target our enemies and their crimes.  Take the case of Alexei Navalny, … Continue reading Treatment of Assange Highlights Western Hypocrisy